CCAT Citizens’ Observatory

Citizen Observatory

The CCAT team have created an online Citizens’ Observatory using ArcGIS, which will be managed by UCD’s Earth Institute once the CCAT project has ended.

The Citizens’ Observatory will significantly enhance UCD’s researchers’ ability to engage with and create new connections to local communities and stakeholders;  better understand the challenges they face; and co-produce relevant solutions to increase communities’ knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues and enhance their adaptive capacity.

The observatory will provide examples of CCAT participatory mapping projects and easy to use templates from these projects. The UCD Earth Institute will provide dedicated support to enable their research community and partner organisations to utilise these templates in their participatory research projects. As well as clear benefits for research and community engagement, they anticipate that the Citizens’ Observatory will have applications in academic teaching and learning, further increasing the legacy of the tools and platforms developed through the CCAT project.

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