CCAT participatory mapping project launched in coastal communities in Pembrokeshire

CCAT partner Pembrokeshire Coastal Formal in partnership with Natural Resources Wales have launched a participatory mapping project in the coastal communities of Broad Haven and Little Haven in Pembrokeshire. People living in these areas will be asked to submit their experience of climate change to an online map. They will be asked to provide information on changes they have seen in the climate and weather on land or at sea . They will also be asked to submit information about the impact of these changes  and what actions are being taken locally to combat these changes.

As part of this initiative Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum will invites people to participate in small group online discussions about environmental changes, impacts and actions taking place in The Havens.

The information summitted will inform an action plan for the community which will be shared with the community council and Public Service Board bodies which include Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Natural Resources Wales. This plan will be a way for the local community to engage directly with local policymakers about what the community want to see happen in the Havens and support their community to become resilient and stronger in the face of coastal changes.

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