CCAT produces virtual tours of hydrogen energy facilities for the Milford Haven:Energy Kingdom (MH:EK) project

Hydrogen refueller

CCAT is delighted to have recently collaborated with the MH:EK team to produce virtual tours of two exciting new hydrogen energy projects in Milford Haven. Using innovative 360° technology, CCAT created virtual tours of the hydrogen car refuelling station and the hybrid heating system. These virtual tours allow access to the internal workings of the devices, usually off-limits in real life, thereby offering another tool to engage with the wider community about the ongoing climate adaptation happening locally.

MH:EK is a two-year £4.5 million project, running until 2022, exploring what a decarbonised smart local energy system could look like for Milford Haven, Pembroke and Pembroke Dock. The project will explore the potential of zero-carbon hydrogen alongside renewable electricity to meet all of our future energy needs. Central to the project, and to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, is a commitment to engage with the community and local industry, providing insight and opportunities for economic growth.

‘These innovative virtual tours enable us to reach a much broader audience and to communicate the exciting MH:EK hydrogen developments happening here. A more inclusive learning experience, the digital nature of the tours allows access to all – students, residents and industry staff alike (indeed, anyone with internet anywhere in the world) can now visit the facility in detail simply not possible in real life. Early inclusion of the community can help increase support and awareness of the renewable energy developments happening right here in Milford Haven as part of Pembrokeshire’s adaptation to climate change.’

Steve Keating, Sustainable Development & Energy Manager, MH:EK Project Lead, Pembrokeshire County Council

You can take a tour around the team’s hydrogen refueller, the HyQube 500 on Milford Waterfront which dispenses green hydrogen on-site and fuels two Rasa hydrogen fuel cell cars, operating in the area. See the car filling up and how the hydrogen is produced.

Visit the smart hydrogen-ready hybrid heating system being trialled in an operational building belonging to the Port of Milford Haven. This is a first of its kind trial combining principles of hybrid heating with hydrogen in a commercial setting. The new heating system comprises an air source heat pump paired with a new gas boiler capable of hydrogen combustion.

Take the tours here

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