CCAT’s virtual reality tour of Portrane

CCAT created an immersive, virtual reality tour of Portrane, Co. Dublin. This immersive tour has five points of interest along the Burrow Beach, providing information on the area’s flora and fauna and explaining why it’s a special area of conservation. The experience also shows the impact of climate change and future sea-level rises.

This virtual reality trail was produced by Zixiang Xu, a master’s student at UCD School of Computer Science under the supervision of Dr Abey Campbell. Staff in Fingal County Council who work in Planning, Climate Change and Digital Engagement got to try this virtual reality experience using an Oculus Quest headset. The team from UCD Computer Science provided the headset and a clean box for the event.  The feedback from those who tried the experience was very positive. The CCAT team has also created a website to go alongside the virtual experience, providing information on the points of interest and the importance of the marine, dune, and salt marsh habitats.
You can view the website here

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