Virtual tour of the hydrogen refuelling station in Milford Station

CCAT has collaborated with the Milford Haven Energy Kingdom project to produce virtual tours of two exciting new hydrogen energy projects in Milford Haven. A refuelling station for cars is located at Milford Haven waterway. The project will demonstrate the practical application of hydrogen technology. The aim is to test the feasibility of two hydrogen-powered Rasa cars. They will be built by Welsh company Riversimple, and operate as fleet cars in and around the Haven.

Virtual tour of the hybrid hydrogen heating system in the Port of Milford Haven

A smart hydrogen-ready hybrid heating system has been installed in an operational building in the Port of Milford Haven. This heating system will have an air source heat pump paired with a new gas boiler capable of hydrogen combustion. Smart heating controls will be used to manage the system which will make the best use of local renewable energy to run the heat pump and switch to gas heating when it is very cold or when renewable energy isn’t available.

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