University College Cork

Photo of Kevin Hickey

Dr. Kieran Hickey

Senior Lecturer in Geography and Head of the Department of Geography and Head of the School of the Human Environment, UCC

Kieran’s main interests are storms and hurricanes and the climate-coastal interface, climate change, historical climatology, weather disasters. To this end Kieran has undertaking a number of research projects on the climate, climate history of Ireland along with more specialized research on changing patterns of Atlantic storminess, hurricanes and the climate change attribution of extreme weather events.

Kieran regularly appears on national TV, radio and the print media along with local media in relation to his expertise on climate change, weather and natural disasters both in Ireland and internationally. He has published two books on climate change and Ireland, one on wolves and edited a third on hurricanes along with numerous journal articles, book chapters and other publications.

Photo of Cathal O'Mahony

Cathal O’Mahony

EU Grant Manager, MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine

Cathal is a graduate of UCC (B.Sc.) and UCD (M.Sc.), and is a member of MaREI’s operations team. Within MaREI, Cathal is responsible for providing support to researchers looking to target funding from EU programmes including INTERREG and Horizon 2020, and for the management of existing and new research funding awards. Prior to taking up this role, Cathal was responsible for co-ordinating a group of researchers working on aspects of marine and coastal governance, and his research focused on: coastal/marine management and planning; participatory processes; climate adaptation; and, use of Earth Observation technologies for coastal and marine applications.

Photo of Fernanda Stori

Dr. Fernanda Terra Stori

Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher, MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine

Fernanda is an oceanographer with a PhD in Ecology and Natural Resources and has a broad research interest in coastal-marine planning, management and conservation. She has been performing research in coastal communities applying the concepts of Ethnoecology and Human Ecology, Ecosystem-based Management, and Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems. Currently, she is a Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher with CCAT (Coastal Communities Adapting Together), University College Cork, MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy. In her research, she is looking at how to integrate stakeholders’ ecological knowledge with scientific knowledge in order to understand the effects of climate change and link adaptation processes to advance studies about coastal-marine social-ecological resilience.