Study – Coastal Climate Adaptation in Ireland: The Effects of Climate Change in Portrane, Co. Dublin and Future Perspectives

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CCAT researcher Dr Fernanda Stori has produced an in-depth study for Fingal County Council on the effect of climate change in Portrane, Co. Dublin, which will support the council and residents plan for the future in relation to rising sea levels and the increasing frequency and intensity of storms due to climate change.

The study looks at the evolution of coastal adaptation legislation, policies and plans related to coastal climate change adaptation at a local level in Fingal as well as at a regional and national level in the Republic of Ireland. This resource provides comprehensive information to those interested in climate change adaptation along Ireland’s coast. 

The study also demonstrates an urgent need to address a gap in policy related to coastal management and climate adaptation in Ireland. This gap has posed challenges for coastal communities and local authorities in Ireland in dealing with the impacts of coastal erosion and flooding.

To read the report click here.

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